RIWATCH Opens first Research Lab

RIWATCH Opens first Research Lab under its Department of Himalayan Herbs and Ethnic Medicine
from 18 to 27 August 2010 for

“Detection of dormant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the circulating CD271 positive cells of patient suffering from latent tuberculosis”

Author and study design : Bikul Das, MBBS, PhD, Stanford University, California

Study Investigator in Assam : Dr Deepjyoti Kalita, MBBS, MD, Department of Microbiology, Guwahati Medical College

Study Investigator in Roing : Dr. Ista Pulu Gynecologist & Superintendent of District Hospital and Dr. J. Mitapo, Medical Officer, District Medical Hospital, Roing. Both of them are the Executive members of RIWATCH, Roing, Ar. Pr.

It was a giant step for RIWATCH to have association with Stanford University California. Dr. Bikul Das, who hails from Assam but now leading a 15 doctors team in Cancer Research is a leading research scientist in Stanford University, California. His research on the above subject has been one of the 10 top research projects selected by the Stanford University and funded by Bill Gates foundation.

For his research, he wanted to have a homogeneous community from a remote region which is highly affected with chronic bronchitis. Arunachal being 100% tribal population with 110 different communities is one of the best places for such researches. The RIWATCH campus and its’ Department of Himalayan Herbs and Ethnic Medicine provided the required platform and facilitation. He found RIWATCH campus is quite suitable to study “how the herbal and ethnic medicine help strengthen the Stem Cells so that they will not harbor the bronchitis cells”. We selected the “Idu-Mishmi” community which has only 14000 population.

It was a unique lab with latest equipments for research and study. The entire Medical department and doctors from the District Hospital curiously visited the lab. They highly appreciated the efforts of RIWATCH for providing them an opportunity to interact with world class medical professional. Dr. Bikul Das delivered a talk in front of the 20 Medical professionals of the area which was also attended by District Medical Officer and Superintendent of Police.

About 60 patients from four interior villages were screened. A young girl from Denlo Village, studying in class VI, who lost her parents and brother due to chronic bronchitis, was found suffering from the same for the last 5 years. Seeing the plight of hers, Dr. Bikul Das arranged for free medical services at GMC Guwahati and contributed Rs. 10,000/- for her medical treatment. The research lab also provided and employment of two Arunachali youths to work in the lab as lab assistant for the next six years.

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